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11KV Load Break Switch Panel


Load break switch panel is used to Switch ON/OFF the 11KV supply to the consumer. The panel is indoor type. This is installed in between the incoming Board supply and distribution transformer provided at the customer’s premises. Load Break Switch Panels are available with and without metering facilities.

    1. Load Break Switch Panel without metering facility consist of

  1. 11KV Air break switch with HT Fuses and earthing facility.

  2. Completely segregated incoming and outgoing cable compartments with Epoxy resin case seal off bushings.

    1. Load Break Switch Panel with Metering Facility consists of

  1. 11KV Air break switch with HT Fuses and earthing facility & interlocking :

  2. Resin Cast Current Transformers of suitable ratios.

  3. Separate PT Chamber with withdrawable type resin cast Potential Transformer.

  4. Completely separated incoming and outgoing cable compartments with Epoxy Resin Seal off buishings

  5. Separate TOD meter compartment with approved make of Electronic TOD Meter.

  6. Test terminal block

  7. LT Fuses etc.



  • Load break switch and accessories are housed in a vermin and weather proof powder coated panel.

  • Earthing switch and earthing interlocks are provided.

  • Cable gland plate is provided at the bottom of the panel.

  • Provisions for sealing by the Electricity Board Authority.

  • Complete conformation to all the relevant Indian Standard Specifications.

  • Electronic Meter with TOD (Time – of – Day) Metering facility : The meter is versatile enough to register the maximum demand in separate preset periods of the day. With the present control measures this eliminates the need for additional meters for day and for night demand. This can help in planning operations to increase load and reduce average KWH costs. Similar facility regarding active energy consumption at various times of the day is also provided.




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